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While you could be a rebel and not use coupon codes on your store, the numbers tell us that you definitely should be. E-commerce promotions capitalize on online consumer behavior which makes it easier for you to sell to shoppers despite how much competition is out there. A common misconception with sales promotions is that you have to offer crazy discounts or incentives to drive sales conversions. By running promotions around key dates and holidays, you can convert more sales and add value to keep shoppers coming back.

Take a look at this e-commerce promotional calendar to pinpoint your next big sales opportunity! Almost all of the traffic that you end up driving to your website results in nothing. This puts heavy emphasis on converting the current website visitors. Promotions provide an effective way to engage and convert traffic.

For just a moment, think of your e-commerce store as a brick and mortar store. Whether it be welcoming them, notifying them of current promotions, or providing them with some information, you have to engage that shopper. The same goes for your e-commerce store and promotions.

This is your opportunity to directly engage each shopper with something that could be of value to them. Using a pop-up promotion to provide something of value to your visitors discount, free shipping, free gift wrapping this will only enhance their shopping experience. With pop-ups, think key moments during a visitor session. The most common way to offer a discount is with a percentage based discount.

Discounting can and should be used by all retailers, but in different ways. With low-profit margins and higher end brand appeal, look to offer smaller discounts or less frequent sales promotions. If excess inventory is bogging you down then get rid of it with clearance discounts! Instead of offering a percentage discount, you can discount by a specific dollar amount. This provides you with a static discount amount giving you more control of your product margins.

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Free shipping is by far the biggest sales driver throughout the year. Free shipping is an offer that appeals to the majority of shoppers and can significantly increase sales conversions. Shipping cost is largely based on size and weight which means that every business will have fluctuations in shipping cost. If free shipping works with your margins and cost structure then look to use it in your e-commerce marketing strategy. If the cost is just too high, there are a couple of ways to make it work for your business. We will touch on these later on in the post.

Offering a gift with purchase is a great way to add value to the shopping experience while also driving sales. A small item is a quality incentive and shoppers must fully checkout in order to receive their gift. Use these items to close sales conversions. A gift with purchase can be that needed additional value to push shoppers to buy from you!

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If you do run a gift with purchase promotion, be sure to let shoppers know that the free item will be included in the order. To track things on your end, create a unique promo code for this offer. A threshold offer is a promotion that is only accessible if the shopper has a cart size higher than a certain threshold. This can help increase order sizes and convert more sales.

It can be difficult for some businesses to offer sales promotions without it digging into profit margins. However, by using thresholds, most brands can offer a discount or free shipping promotion in a way that benefits their business. For businesses who want to run promotions but have low-profit margins, threshold promotions are the way to go. Contests are an incredibly effective way to drive engagement and email sign-ups.

Running a contest is simple! Offer your visitors a chance to win a big ticket item or bundle by entering their email address. This can be one of your products or something else, but it must be something that your ideal customer will be interested in. If this is the case, send a followup email to all entries who did not win with a promo code to use on your site. Contests are perfect for businesses who want to convert a higher percentage of new traffic arriving on their site.

Since a high ticket item is attractive, many new visitors who are interested in your products will enter their email for a chance to win. This is a perfect way to boost lead conversion from Facebook ads and other PPC advertising.

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Content is an excellent way to interact with shoppers and you can use it to your benefit. A gated content promotion allows you to incentivize shoppers to enter their email to gain access to an attractive piece of marketing content. This could be a style guide, recipe book, photo journal, and so on. Here are more ideas and details on gated conten t.

Shopify provides a great framework that allows you to create codes that can only be used in certain situations. Shopify lets you choose how many times a specific coupon code can be used. Select from unlimited, a specific number, or limit one use per customer. Create promo codes that will only be valid during certain date ranges. This enables you to set up holiday and sale promotions with ease. The Price Rules API allows retailers to dynamically create discounts with multiple conditions that can be applied at checkout to cart items or shipping lines via a discount code.

This update gives retailers much more flexibility with discounts and promotions. At this time, these new price rules are not built into the basic discount codes creator and do require custom coding.

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Two of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment are price shopping and coupon hunting. If you can offer a coupon on your site, you eliminate both of those problems. Now you have an unhappy shopper. The simplest and most effective way to drive sales with your Shopify coupon codes is through the use of on-site promotions. Think email pop-ups, sales banners, and exit pop-ups on the cart page.

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You have control over your discounts and coupons, so use them in your marketing campaigns! Use email pop-ups, banners, slide-ins, and exit pop-ups to distribute Shopify coupon codes. We believe in providing every business, no matter what size, with every option to optimize your marketing campaigns! Depending on where you live and your order amount, you may be eligible for free grocery delivery. Check the website for terms and conditions to see if you qualify and to see which restrictions apply.

You can also download the Walmart grocery app for groceries, and you would be notified if your order is ready and good to go. If you find a lower price from another online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, Walmart will price match it. You can enjoy savings throughout the year. In addition, if you bought something from Walmart recently and then decreased in price, then the price will be adjusted for bigger savings for you.

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