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Although a wood stain is more expensive than a sealer, it can last up to 5 times longer and looks more professional. Our trained and certified technicians will use an airless sprayer to give you a professional, uniform finish. Whether you choose a stain or a sealer, you can trust the deck masters to do the job right.

Have more questions? Contact DeckMaster! If you need a new deck built from scratch, DeckMaster is the right team to call. We have years of experience building decks in a variety of types of wood as well as composite wood such as Trex. We build custom decks to give you the functionality and design that you want. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, safe cleaning solution that is applied to your deck in a high volume mist sprayer. Rather than relying on pressure, we rely on our unique revolutionary chemical process to remove old stains and sealers and restore the like-new appearance of the wood.

With the help of DeckMaster, you can restore your deck to like-new condition. Why buy a new deck when you can repair your old one for a fraction of the cost? Whether you need small repair jobs such as fixing a loose board, or large repair jobs such as re-decking the entire area of the deck, the professionals at DeckMaster will do the job right. Leave A Review. Understanding the Difference Aug 9, Stains Unlike sealers, stains penetrate into the wood. Search The Site: Search for:. I just power washed and will let let dry a couple days.

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Will putting 2 coats on last longer than a year or applying heavy on 1 coat be ok? Ready Seal will not last more then a year no matter if it has 1 or 2 coats. Better to only do one since over applying the RS could lead to oil tracking inside the house.

My quest to find a great deck stain - Jill Cataldo

It is known for doing this as it is a non-drying oil. What application mentioned should I use for the semi-solid Armstrong Clark on a prepped old pine deck? After much deck prep, re-doing of deck prep, and research and recommendations from this site I am close to purchasing a 5-gallon pail of Armstrong Clark semi transparent Natural oak stain for my almost two year old cedar deck After RAD cleaning and brightening and some spot stripping.

Should I be adding more mildew-cide or is what is already in the stain adequate? I have sometimes heard people mention Borate as well. Worth it? Is that unrealistic? Thank you again. More mildewcide will not help. AC already has a lot. I doubt borate will help. A darker stain would make the mildew less noticeable if it comes. Mildew usually grows on top of a stain not under or in the stain. Maybe try that? I like this brand of stain very much. You have to shake and stir before you pour, and we had a lot of trouble with the 5-gallon pail the spout is tiny.

When I looked at the price, 5 one gallon pails was not too different, and I wish I had ordered that and will in the future.

Spray & Clean Composite Deck Cleaner

My deck is years old and previous owners applied a semi solid or solid Behr stain. I have removed it with a Behr stripper, pressure washer, and lots of power sanding.

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  8. I am planning to use the semi-transparent rustic brown stain. Several questions: 1. Due to the trim detail on my railings, some of the previous solid stain is very difficult to remove.

    How to Restore a 30 Year Old Deck

    I understand that it is best to remove all previous stain before applying the semi-transparent but what will be the result if I am not able to? Just some splotchy spots where the stain is still there? We do not like any Behr prep products. We would return it if possible. A semi-transparent stain cannot be applied over a solid stain. It will look bad. Probably a little less. Thank you for the information!

    Several follow up questions: 1. Based on other responses, I assume you would recommend the RAD cleaner and brightener in my case instead of the Behr? If so, would these neutralize the stripper I have already used? I plan to used a solid white stain on the rail posts and some other parts of the rail.

    What would you suggest for the stain brand? As I mentioned, I have removed most of the previous solid stain by sanding — Will the solid white cover the previous dark stain that is left? Based on the solid white rails and the semi-transparent brown floor, what would the best order of stain be? I was thinking white first and then the semi-transparent brown since it may be easier to wipe off any splatters? RAD will work but any good quality cleaner and brightener will as well. RAD makes a good white solid stain. Floor Pro Series is another. Yes, it should but you may need coats.


    Solid first, semi-transparent last. Just finished with AC Black Walnut. I like the final product very much and this is one of the best stains I have ever used. As a pro painter several years ago I had the opportunity to be in several different kinds of stain. This product is easy to use and yields great results when applied over properly prepared surfaces. As the home owner we are thrilled with the end result. Some before and after pics. The color is Black Walnut. I just put a temp gun on it at noon in the Florida sun. How bad is that? What effect will that have on the wood? Deck is new wood 6 months old. It is in a carport so it has limited exposure to rain. I have just today sanded the deck with 80 grit.

    The wood is clean, white and bright. How necessary is it to now was and brighten with something like Restore-a-deck cleaner and brightener, provided I have swept and used a yard blower to remove all dust? Thanks Michael. How many gallons do I need for Semi Transparent — Cedar for sq ft? I want a lighter colour, so 1 coat. There are several different Armstrong products.

    Translucent semi-translucent etc… what is the best to use for decks? Thank you for a marvelous site and all your work and valuable information! I am in southern Ontario Canada. About a year ago I replaced my 15 year old green pressure treated deck boards never did anything to it but sweep it off. The new boards are brown pressure treated and I would like to stain them rather than letting them go grey. It looks like oil penetrating stain is the way to go with the least maintenance, so I have ordered some semi transparent samples from Armstrong Clark. I also ordered the RAD cleaner and brightener.

    I am really nervous about the job time, money and ongoing maintenance and want to know your opinion on if it is a good idea to stain the pressure treated deck in the first place, and if my choice of Armstrong Clark semi transparent is the best one? Thanks a million!

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    Our deck in San Jose California is redwood. In we had it power-washed and stained with Cabot semi-solid stain Redwood color. We loved the look and due to our laziness, did not decide until this year to have it treated again. The deck has spots of bare wood on the stairs, and appears somewhat faded. There are no dark marks on the wood. We thought that it just needs to be power-washed and stained again with another coat or two of semi-solid stain.