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Guests can indulge in a one-hour full-body traditional Thai or aromatherapy hot coconut oil massage, designed to ease away tensions. Designed to increase blood flow and fascia mobility, this roller can help to get rid of adhesions in the muscles and connective tissue. Designed to stimulate and release tension in the feet, this made of wood massager roller can help promote blood circulation. Featuring minute auto shut-off function and simple-to-use control panel, these foot massagers can help to relax after a long day.

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Designed to help relieve shoulder and neck fatigue, this massage pillow features an ergonomic design with pressure points. Featuring four programs and three speed levels, this Shiatsu massager can bring rest to tired feet, ankles and calves after a long day. Designed to wrap around like a scarf and conform naturally to the neck, this massager can help eliminate muscle tension. Learn your 'hot stone' from your 'deep tissue' with our handy guide to the most common types of massage. Yes, I want to save money by receiving personalised Groupon emails with awesome deals.

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Click here to purchase your coupon and make an appointment online! After shaking hands, she invites me to sit down, reaches for a clipboard with a two-sided form, and politely asks for me to complete the front side.

follow site The form asks for my name and any health conditions I have that may be contraindicated for therapeutic massage. Once completed, she leads me into one of two private Massage Therapy treatment rooms, closes the door and a brief discussion ensues. I relayed my problem areas as she listened carefully, then she excused herself so I could undress and get on the massage table.

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I reply yes, she enters the room and the lights are dimmed as soft Spa music begins playing. Heidi arranges and smoothes the sheet and blankets covering me, then starts palpating my shoulders, neck, back, thighs, etc.

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I feel her applying soft compressions and stretches across my entire back to loosen things up before taking aim at my right shoulder. I can tell she already has a good understanding of Anatomy as evidenced by her ability to follow a line of tension and feel her way around my body.

Her pace is slow and steady as she methodically moves down my neck and back applying the perfect pressure and following through to the end of each muscle or muscle group.